CFX Berlin - Advanced Electromagnetic Simulation Design for Electric

Advanced Electromagnetic Simulation Design for Electric Machines

Datum: Mittwoch, 25. September 2019
Zeit: 17:00 Uhr (CET/MEZ)

Electric machines are being used in more and novel applications throughout the world, driven by the need for greater power efficiency and higher power density in the transportation, aerospace and defense, and industrial automation markets. Electric machine designers are exploring design alternatives to reduce cost, optimize designs and deliver them quickly to market.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the electromagnetic simulation of electric machines using ANSYS Maxwell, with a focus on the following topics:


  • A demagnetization study of a permanent magnet motor including advanced electromagnetic loss calculations

  • Optimization of electric machine performance

  • Magnetostriction effects in electric machines


Simulation workflows for creating accurate electric machine reduced-order models (ROMs) will also be covered, including:


  • Generation of an electromagnetic ROM of a permanent magnet machine

  • Generation of a thermal ROM of a permanent magnet machine

  • Vector control of a PM machine


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